RomFW Tool v6.0.2 Download Free One-Click FRP Bypass

New RomFW Tool v6.0.2 Reset Factory Reset Protection (FRP) is an essential security feature on Android devices that helps prevent unauthorized access to personal data after a device has been reset. However, there are instances where FRP can become a barrier for users who forget their Google account credentials or purchase a second-hand device with FRP enabled. In such cases, FRP bypass tools like RomFW Tool can come to the rescue.

RomFW FRP Tool

Introduction to RomFW Tool

RomFW Tool is a powerful and user-friendly software tool designed specifically for Samsung, Oneplus, Vivo, Oppo, iTel, Xiaomi, LG, Google Pixel, Asus, infinex, Huawei, and Nokia Realme devices running on the Android operating system. It offers a one-click solution to bypass FRP locks and gain access to locked devices without requiring extensive technical knowledge or complex procedures.

Understanding FRP and its importance

Factory Reset Protection (FRP) is a security feature introduced by Google to protect user data in case of theft or unauthorized access. When FRP is enabled on a device, it requires the user to enter their Google account credentials after a factory reset to verify their identity. This feature ensures that even if a device is reset, unauthorized users cannot access the data without the original owner's permission.

What is a One-Click FRP Bypass?

One-Click FRP Bypass refers to a simplified method of bypassing FRP locks in Android 11, 12, 13, and 14 with just a single click. It eliminates the need for complex steps and reduces the time and effort required to bypass FRP on Android devices. RomFW Tool offers this one-click functionality, making it a convenient choice for users who want a quick and efficient FRP bypass solution.

Features and benefits of RomFW Tool

  • User-friendly interface: RomFW Tool has a simple and intuitive interface, making it accessible to both novice and advanced users.
  • Wide device compatibility: The tool supports a wide range of Samsung devices, ensuring compatibility with various models and versions of the Android operating system.
  • One-click FRP bypass: With just a single click, users can bypass FRP locks on Samsung devices, saving time and effort.
  • No technical knowledge required: RomFW Tool simplifies the FRP bypass process, allowing users with limited technical expertise to bypass FRP without hassle.
  • Regular updates: The tool is regularly updated to ensure compatibility with new Samsung device models and the latest Android versions.

RomFW Tool List of functions:


Test mode (*#0*#)

  • Remove FRP
  • Remove FRP New security
  • Factory reset
  • Disable Knox
  • Disable Factory mode

OnePlus New

  • OnePlus 7: GUACAMOLE
  • OnePlus 7 Pro : GM1917-V1
  • OnePlus 7 Pro : GM1917-V2
  • OnePlus 8: IN2013
  • OnePlus 8 Pro: IN2020
  • OnePlus 8T: KB2001-V1
  • OnePlus 8T: KB2001-V2
  • OnePlus 9: LE2110
  • OnePlus 9 Pro : LE2120
  • OnePlus 9R : LE2100-V1
  • OnePlus 9R : LE2100-V2
  • OnePlus 9RT : MT2110
  • OnePlus Nord : AC2001
  • OnePlus Nord N10 5G : BE2029
  • OnePlus Nord N100 : BE2013
  • OnePlus Nord N200 5G : DE2117
  • OnePlus Nord CE 5G : EB2103

Oppo New

  • Oppo Reno 3 Pro 5G (PCRM00)
  • Oppo Reno 4 4G (CPH2113)
  • Oppo Reno 4 5G (CPH2091)
  • Oppo Reno 4 Pro 4G (CPH2109)
  • Oppo Reno 4 Pro 5G (CPH2089)
  • Oppo Reno 5 4G (CPH2159)
  • Oppo Reno 5 5G (CPH2145)
  • - Oppo Reno 6 4G (CPH2235)
  • Oppo Reno 6 Lite (CPH2365)
  • Oppo Reno 6 Pro 5G (CPH2247)
  • Oppo Reno 7 (CPH2363)
  • Oppo Reno 10X Zoom (CPH1919)

Realme New

  • Realme 7i RMX2103
  • Realme 9 RMX3521
  • Realme 9 5G RMX3461
  • Realme GT Neo 2 RMX3370
  • Realme GT Neo 3T RMX3372
  • Realme Q3S RMX3461
  • Realme Q5 Pro RMX3372
  • Realme X2 Pro RMX1931
  • Realme X3 RMX2085
  • Realme X9 Pro RMX3363
  • Realme X50 5G RMX2144
  • Realme X50 Pro RMX2076

Vivo New

  • Vivo V11 Pro PD1814F
  • Vivo V15 Pro PD1832F-EMMC
  • Vivo V15 Pro PD1832F-UFS
  • Vivo V17 PD1948F
  • Vivo V17 Pro PD1931F
  • Vivo V19 PD1969F
  • Vivo V19 Neo PD1948F
  • Vivo V20 PD2039F
  • Vivo V20 Pro PD2020F
  • Vivo V20 SE PD2038F
  • Vivo V20 2021 PD2067F
  • Vivo V21 4G | V21E 4G PD2107F
  • Vivo X5 PD1401F
  • Vivo X5 Max PD1408F
  • Vivo X5 Pro PD1421F
  • Vivo X7 PD1602
  • Vivo X7 Plus PD1603
  • Vivo X20 PD1709F
  • Vivo X20 Plus PD1710F
  • Vivo X21 PD1728F

MTP mode

  • Factory reset
  • Enable secret code for Verizon

ADB mode

  • Change CSC
  • Change SN (beta)
  • Remove Samsung account (This function works to remove the account in Settings only, not supporting locked state)
  • Enable Toggle mobile data (for some AT&T phones)
  • Change CSC root mode

Download mode

  • Exit Download mode
  • Soft brick Fix
  • FRP Android 5/6 (support some models. If you see an error when trying, that means your device is not supported)

Odin Flash

  • Save recent flash files
  • Auto-detect file and select slot
  • Auto-extract for ZIP file
  • Ignore MD5 checksum


  • Check Driver signature enforcement status
  • Disable/Enable Driver signature enforcement
  • Install Samsung USB driver
  • Install VC++ 2015 (for ADB works)

For Xiaomi


  • Bypass Micloud Android 8.1
  • Enable Diag [ROOT]

Fastboot Mode

  • [UNLOCKED] Remove FRP


  • Factory reset
  • Remove FRP
  • Reset MiCloud
  • [QUALCOMM] Bypass Micloud clock (Anti relock)
  • [QUALCOMM] Remove bypass Micloud clock (Anti relock)
  • Read offline Micloud information

EDL 9008

  • Factory reset
  • Reset FRP
  • Reset MiCloud

For LG


  • Factory reset
  • EDL (Support LG G7, G8, G8X, G8S, V30, V40, V50, V50S, Q6, G5, G6, V20, V35, V60)

Factory Reset

  • Remove FRP


  • Flash LG KDZ 

For Android


  • Battery information
  • Disable/Enable OTA Update
  • Set language
  • Factory reset
  • Hide Developer options


  • Open Browser (FRP)
  • Remove FRP

APP Manager

  • Manager applications, remove, disable, enable, clear data single app, multi apps
  • Install multi APK/APC
  • Install any app on Dual Messenger
  • Delete bloatware (For Korean, Japan, and US variants)


  • Remove screen lock (Root)

For Qualcomm

  • EDL 9008 Partitions manager (Read/Write/Erase)
  • EDL 9008 Reset FRP, Factory reset, Erase userdata

For Mediatek

  • Factory reset
  • Format user data
  • Remove FRP
  • Unlock bootloader
  • Relock bootloader
  • Bypass auth

What is the New Update Romfw Tool v6.0.2

Samsung FRP Reset EDL Free

Samsung Galaxy A52 5G (SM-A526U)
Samsung Galaxy A71 5G (SM-A716U)
Samsung Galaxy Note 10 (SM-(SM-N970U)
Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ (SM-N975U)
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 5G (SM-N981U)
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G (SM-N986U)
Samsung Galaxy S10 (SM-G973U)
Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus (SM-G975U)
Samsung Galaxy S10e (SM-G970U)
Samsung Galaxy S20 5G (SM-G981U)
Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G (SM-G781U)
Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G (SM-G781V)
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G (SM-G988U)
Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G (SM-G986U)
Samsung Galaxy S21 5G (SM-G991U)
Samsung Galaxy S21 FE (SM-G990U)
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra (SM-G998U)
Samsung Galaxy S21+ Plus (SM-G996U)
Samsung Galaxy S22 (SM-S901E)
Samsung Galaxy S22 (SM-S901U)
Samsung galaxy S22 (SM-S906U)
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra (SM-S908E)
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra (SM-S908U)
Samsung galaxy S22+ Plus (SM-S906U)
Samsung Galaxy S23 (SM-S911B)
Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra (SM-S918B)
Samsung Galaxy S23+ (SM-S916B)
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 (SM-F711U)
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 (SM-F721U)
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 (SM-F916U)
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 (SM-F926B)
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 (SM-F936U)

List Devices PL Exploit: WithOut test point
Hot 20 Play (X6825)
Spark 10 (KI5Q | K15N)
Infinix MT6761 | MT6768
-Hot 11s
FIX login and register
MORE Update..... coming soon

What is the New Update Romfw Tool V27.10.2023

Google Pixel
Expert mode: (should only be turned on by experienced users). In addition to the basic features, you get:

  • The ability to flash custom ROM (with or without patching boot.img)
  • Option to flash to both slots.
  • Options to disable verify and or verification.
  • Ability to change the active slot.
  • Ability to live boot to custom boot.img (temporary root).
  • Ability to boot to recovery.
  • Ability to flash custom image: boot, recovery, radio, kernel, ...
  • Ability to sideload an image.
  • Lock / Unlock bootloader.
  • Option to gain temporary root (good for testing or checking things out).
  • SOS Disable Magisk modules to get out of bootloop (experimental).
  • Partition Manager:
  • Erase single or multi partitions.
  • Dump / create backup of single or multi partitions and save to PC.
  •  Add New Driver Tool 
  • Auto Driver-Install Offline| All OEM Driver in One Tool 

A step-by-step guide to downloading and installing the RomFW Tool

Step 1: Visit the official website or trusted source to download the RomFW Tool.

  • RomFW Tool v6.0.2 [Latest]: Download ( Bug Fix File
  • RomFw FMI-OFF ToolDownload
  • RFra1n v3Download
  • RomFw RamDiskDownload
  • Password:

Step 2: Enable "Unknown Sources" in the device settings to allow the installation of third-party apps.

Step 3: Locate the downloaded APK file and tap on it to begin the installation process.

Step 4: Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

Step 5: Once installed, launch the RomFW FRP Tool application on your Samsung device.

How to use RomFW Tool for one-click FRP bypass

Step 1: Open the RomFW Tool application on your Samsung device.

Step 2: Connect the device to a computer using a USB cable.

Step 3: Now Run the RomFW Tool.exe As Admin.

Run the RomFW FRP Tool.exe As Admin

Step 4: Install the Samsung USB Driver on your computer before using the tool.

Step 5: First, Connect your Samsung FRP-enabled phone to a WiFi Network.

Step 6: Then go back to the very first welcome screen, and tap on Emergency Call.

Step 7: Press *#0*#

Press *#0*#

Step 8: The Test Mode will appear.

Step 9: Now connect your Samsung Android 10, 9, 11, 12, 13, and 14 Phones to the PC.

Step 10: Open the FRP Tool.

Open the FRP Tool

Step 11: Select the COM Port.

Step 12: Click on Remove FRP from the FRP Section.

Click on Remove FRP

Step 13: Tap Allow on the Phone & wait to remove the FRP lock.

Tap Allow on the Phone & wait to remove the FRP lock.

Step 14: Select Samsung Setup Wizard.

Select Samsung Setup Wizard

Step 15:  Wait for the tool to complete the bypass process, which may take a few minutes.

Step 16: Once the bypass is successful, you will regain access to your device without the need for Google account credentials.

Troubleshooting common issues with RomFW Tool

In some cases, users may encounter issues during the FRP bypass process. Here are a few common problems and their solutions:

Issue 1: Device not recognized by the tool.

Solution: Ensure that you have installed the necessary USB drivers for your Samsung device. Try using a different USB cable or port.

Issue 2: The tool crashes or freezes during the bypass process.

Solution: Close any other applications running in the background. Update the tool to the latest version for improved stability.

Issue 3: Bypass unsuccessful, device remains locked.

Solution: Check if you have followed the instructions correctly. Make sure you have a stable internet connection and try again.

Comparison with other FRP bypass tools

RomFW FRP Tool stands out from other FRP bypass tools due to its simplicity, one-click functionality, and regular updates. While there are alternative tools available in the market, the RomFW FRP Tool offers a user-friendly experience and reliable results for Samsung device users.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about RomFW Tool

Q: Is RomFW Tool compatible with all Samsung devices?

A: RomFW Tool is compatible with a wide range of Samsung devices, but it's always recommended to check the official website for a list of supported models.

Q: Can RomFW Tool be used for FRP bypass on devices from other manufacturers?

A: No, SamFW Tool is specifically designed for Samsung devices and may not work on devices from other manufacturers.

Q: Is RomFW Tool a safe tool to use?

A: Yes, RomFW Tool is safe to use. However, it's always advisable to download the tool from the official website or trusted sources to ensure its authenticity.

Q: Can RomFW Tool remove FRP locks permanently?

A: RomFW Tool provides a temporary bypass for FRP locks. To remove FRP permanently, you may need to follow additional steps or contact a professional technician.

Q: Is there any cost involved in using RomFW Tool?

A: RomFW Tool is available for free. However, it's always recommended to verify the details and terms of usage on the official website.

Final Conclusion

RomFW Tool v6.0.2 is a reliable and efficient solution for bypassing FRP locks on Samsung devices. With its one-click functionality and user-friendly interface, users can regain access to their locked devices without the need for extensive technical knowledge. It is important to remember that FRP bypass tools should be used responsibly and within legal boundaries to ensure the security and privacy of all individuals.