iOS 13.4.5 ,13.4.1,13.4 iCloud Bypass On Windows Pc & Install Safeshutdown.

Jailbreaking is the process by which Apple’s operating systems are modified to remove restrictions and give greater user control over the device. These modifications typically allow running unsigned code, as well as reading and writing to the root filesystem,iOS 13.4.5 ,13.4.1,13.4 iCloud Bypass On Windows Pc & Install Safeshutdown both of which are normally prevented by Apple. The increased privileges permit customisations and unfettered app installation which are not available to users with a stock device.iOS 13.4.5 ,13.4.1,13.4 iCloud Bypass On Windows Pc & Install Safeshutdown Jailbreaking is most popular on, and most associated with, Apple’s mobile operating system iOS, though it also exists on tvOS and watchOS.
iOS 13.4.5 ,13.4.1,13.4 iCloud Bypass On Windows Pc & Install Safeshutdown.
Typically, jailbreaking adds an unofficial application installer to your device which lets you download 3rd-party applications, tweaks, and extensions that are unavailable through the App Store. These packages open up endless possibilities to do things on your iOS device that a non-jailbroken iOS device would never be able to do.iOS 13.4.5 ,13.4.1,13.4 iCloud Bypass On Windows Pc & Install Safeshutdown.The most famous and largest of these application installers is called Cydia.Cydia houses tweaks which customise the look, feel, behaviour, and capabilities of your device in myriad ways, bypass limitations set in place by Apple and carriers, connect to other devices remotely, and generally let you take back your iOS experience.

How to make bootable pendrive Checkra1n 0.10.1 For Windows Pc ?

1# You need pendrive device.

2# Download balenaEtcher-Setup-1.5.80 and install it.

3# Download Checkra1n 0.10.1 img file.
 *32bit:bootra1n LiveCD (32-bit - 387 MB):Here
 *64bit:bootra1n LiveCD (64-bit - 411 MB):Here

4#Input pendrive  on your pc.

5# Open balenaEtcher tool select img file and pendrive and last click start.

6# your pendrive ready to boot checkra1n0.10.1.

7# Open BIOS setting and select pendrive and open it.

8# Select the flash drive, and it should boot into the login prompt.
* Log in as anon, with password voidlinux.
* At the $ prompt, enter sudo checkra1n.

9# Quit checkra1n:
* Shutdown: sudo shutdown -h now
* Restart: sudo shutdown -r now

10# Now your Device jailbeak task complite.

11# Rebot your pc on windows.

12# Download Gsm Solution iCloud bypass tool.

12# Open tool and select ios verson and click enter.

13# Now icloud bypass task complite.

14# At last install safeshutdown app.

15# Now Fix bootloog and apple logo fix.enjoy friends.

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After following the steps in that order you should have successfully bypassed iCloud on your device. If not make sure you followed it correctly. Even after that if you could not make it just comment below i am happy to lend a hand.iOS 13.4.5 ,13.4.1,13.4 iCloud Bypass On Windows Pc & Install Safeshutdown Latest Security post was written only because a lot of people like you keep supporting me. Have a nice day bye.


  1. Bro shows syntax error when I clicked number 2 in icloud bypass tool
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