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Samsung SM-N975F efs file-firmware download

Welcome my loyal or first time visitors. I have always been the first one to provide latest and working solutions for hardware and software related issues. And as like that today, in this post, i have brought to you the efs file of Samsung sm-N975F totally free, without any catch.

Samsung SM-N975F efs file-firmware download
Before you jump to download, you should know what EFS and what it does.
So, to simply put EFS is a directory on Android device where very sensitive and important information about your device is stored. Like IMEI, serial number, configs, diag settings, radio settings etc. So in case if your EFS partition is corrupted or damaged your device will not funcition properly. Such as you can face many issues like sim not working, hang on logo etc.

Below are some issues which can occur because of damaged EFS partition and can be fixed via flashing correct EFS file. And to be exact Samsung sm-N975F efs file-firmware features are listed below.

1. Fix nulled IMEI

2. Fix sim not working

3. Fix cant mount EFS

4. Fix hang on logo

5. Baseband fix

The download link for Samsung sm-N975F efs file-firmware and flashing process is below.
1. Download the EFS file

2. Open Odin
3. Select EFS file on AP button
4. Put your device into download mode and connect to pc
5. Start flashing by pressing start
6. Done. Fixed your problems
7.Zip Password:gsm-solution.com

So this the process and way to fix your different issues which is caused by corrupted EFS. Follow each steps correctly and you should not face any issues. If in any case you need any kind of assistance regarding to repair your device, you know i will be there for you. Hope you have a good day, enjoy.

1 comment:

  1. the file does not work, in the extraction it tells me the archive is damaged and during the flash the message comes out please get the approval to use factory binaries


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