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Bypass Samsung J7 Pro FRP/Google Account Lock On Binary U1,U2,U3,U5/Oreo V8.1.0 Without Pc

Bypass Samsung J7 Pro FRP/Google Account Lock On Binary U1,U2,U3,U5/Oreo V8.1.0 Without Pc.

Remove Samsung J7 Pro FRP Lock Required File.

1# Download Quick Shortcut Maker Apk.

2# Download 2018 Oreo V8.1.0 FRP Remove Apk.

Remove Samsung J7 Pro FRP Lock Method.

1# Connect your phone on wifi.

2# Open talkback ( Click 3 time home buttion same time).

3# Now enable talkback.Go to talkback setting.

4# Again click home buttion 3 time now disable talkback.

5# Go to help and feedback.

6# Now open get start with voice access.

7# Play video and share other option.

8# Now open youtube.

9# Go to team & privacy policy.

10# Open browser.

11# Download Quick Short CutMaker Apk.

12# Install Now.

13# Open Setting like video.

14# Go to Lock Screen & Security"

15# Again open other Security Setting.

16# Go to Device Administrators & Deactivate.

17# Go to Apps.

18# Disable google.

19# Install Google  Play Servic.

20# Again go apps and enable googe play servic.

21# Now Logine your new gmail id.

22# Rebot your phone open normal mode.

23# Go to Setting And Reset Your phone.

24# Few weating Factory reset in process.

25# Your Phone frp lock remove complite.

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