Apex Launcher v4.9.36 APK File Download FREE

If you are bored with your home screen and the performance of your Android, now you can make it new with the idea of ​​the latest Apex Launcher 4.9.36 (6111) APK. This application will be useful for your Android because it can change the boring display on your Android screen. The features of this app will also facilitate your Android performance very well. Thanks to this, you will get a new experience with your old Android. You don't need to change your Android to a new one to get a new feel of your Android because this app will solve your bored time with Android.

Apex Launcher v4.9.36 APK For Google Account /FRP Lock.

Apex Launcher v4.9.3 Apk

What Is New Update?

Apex Launcher allows you to create a customized, fast, and stylish home screen experience on your Android device.

1#  Customizable screen grid screen size and up to 9 home screens.

2# Dock with Scrollable up to 7 icons per page and up to 5 pages.

3# Infinity and elastic scroll (home screen, drawer, and docking station).

4# Fantasy transition effects (shelves, cubes, etc.).

5# Hide items as you like (persistent search bar, status bar, or even the dock).

6# Download Apex Launcher v4.9.36 Apk.

7#  Additional transition effects (accordion, cross, etc.).

8# Folder support (Enhanced add bulk, merge folders).

9# Advanced widget options (widgets in a dock, overlapping widgets).

10# More features on the way.

Apex Launcher Review

This app was launched for people who want to customize their bored home screen. With this app, the user can create a customized, stylish, and fast home screen on their Android device. Since the home screen is stylish and fast, people will enjoy their time controlling their Android device and will want to buy a new one. This is one of the fantastic apps that will allow the user to change their phone easily. In addition, this app not only offers a new look, but it will also offers better performance because after installing the app, the Android will be faster.

One of the best that can be found in this app is that it can make your Android perform smoothly. Therefore, this app is among the top 5 apps launched for Android in 2017. It can be seen from the features of the app. It has a customizable home screen grid size. Apart from this, other features of this launcher are the scroll bar where the app has more than 7 icons per page and it has 5 pages. It will very well offer a new experience for users.

Apart from that, the app also has a fancy transition effect including tablet, cube, and others which will amaze the users very well. Moreover, if you want to keep your Android simple, you can easily hide the element you want with this app. The selection of different styles and also backgrounds in this app will satisfy you to do something new with the app.

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