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UMTv2 / UMTPro UltimateGSM v5.2 Update Setup File For Added 55 More Huawei Models for FRP.

UMTv2 / UMTPro UltimateGSM v5.2 Update Setup File For Added 55 More Huawei Models for FRP.

What Is New Update?

Huawei FRP - Added New Devices

- Connect phone in Normal Mode.
- Select Model and click on Remove FRP.
- Follow instructions in Software.
- If your model is not in list, don't worry, just select any model and try.

Newly Added Models:
- Honor 5c NEM-L22
- Nova 2i RNE-L02
- Nova 2i RNE-L22
- Nova 3 PAR-AL00
- Nova 3e ANE-AL00
- Nova 3e ANE-L21
- Nova 3e ANE-L21
- Nova 3e ANE-L22
- Nova 3e ANE-LX1
- Nova 3e ANE-LX2
- Nova 3e ANE-LX2J
- Nova 3e ANE-LX3
- Nova 3e ANE-TL00
- Nova 3i INE-LX2
- Nova Lite 2 704HW
- Nova Lite 2 LA1
- Nova Plus MLA-L01
- Nova Plus MLA-L02
- Nova Plus MLA-L03
- Nova Plus MLA-L11
- Nova Plus MLA-L12
- Nova Plus MLA-L13
- P10 Selfie BAC-L01
- P10 Selfie BAC-L03
- P10 Selfie BAC-L22
- P10 Selfie BAC-L23
- P20 EML-L09
- P20 EML-L22

- P20 EML-L29
-Download UMTv2 / UMTPro UltimateGSM v5.2 Update Setup.

- P20 Lite ANE-L02
- P20 Lite ANE-L02K
- P20 Lite ANE-L03
- P20 Lite ANE-L12JPZ
- P20 Lite ANE-L21
- P20 Lite ANE-L22
- P20 Lite ANE-L23
- P20 Lite ANE-LX1
- P20 Pro CLT-L04
- P20 Pro CLT-L09 
- P20 Pro CLT-L29
- Y6 2015 SCC-U21
- Y6 2018
- Y6 2018 ATU-L21
- Y6 2018 ATU-LX1
- Y6II CAM-L32

- Y6II LYO-L01
- Y7 2018 LDN-LX3
- Y7 2018 London LDN-L03
- Y7 Prime
- Y7 Prime TRT-L53
- Y7 Prime TRT-TL00
- Y7 TRT-LX2
- Y9 2018 LX1
- Y9 2018 LX2
- Y9 2018 LX3

- If your model is not listed here, then select any Model and try. 

This tutorial should and any other on our site should be helpful to any novice to expert users.

If you face any problem related to mobile repairing just comment below or contact me on facebook, i will surely be helpful.

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