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Avengers Box Qualcomm Module v0.12.4 Update Released Setup For Huawei Support

Avengers Box Qualcomm Module v0.12.4 Update Released Setup For Huawei Support

What Is New Update?

Added Reset FRP by ADB FREEE for Huawei Phones.

Enjoy 7 Plus TRT-AL00
Enjoy 7 Plus TRT-AL00A
Enjoy 7 Plus TRT-TL10
Enjoy 7 Plus TRT-TL10A
Enjoy 8e ATU-AL10
Enjoy 8e ATU-TL10
Holly 4+ TRT-AL00
Honor 10 COL-AL00
Honor 10 COL-AL10
Honor 10 COL-L29

Honor 10 COL-TL00
Honor 10 COL-TL10
Honor 6X BLN-AL10
Honor 6X BLN-AL20
Honor 6X BLN-L21
Honor 6X BLN-L22
Honor 6X TL00
Honor 6X TL10
Honor 7A AUM-AL00
Honor 7A AUM-AL20
Honor 7A AUM-TL00
Honor 7A AUM-TL20
Honor 7C LND-AL30
Honor 7C LND-AL30
Honor 7C LND-AL40
Honor 7C LND-AL40
Honor 7X BND-AL10
Honor 7X BND-L21
Honor 7X BND-L24
Honor 7X BND-TL10
Honor 8 FRD-AL00
Honor 8 FRD-AL10
Honor 8 FRD-DL00
Honor 8 FRD-L02
Honor 8 FRD-L04
Honor 8 FRD-L09
Honor 8 FRD-L19
Honor 8 FRD-TL00
Honor 8 Lite PRA-AL00
Honor 8 Lite PRA-AL00X
Honor 8 Lite PRA-TL10
Honor 8 Pro DUK-L09
Honor 8 Youth
Honor 9 Lite LLD-AL00
Honor 9 Lite LLD-AL10
Honor 9 Lite LLD-L22A
Honor 9 Lite LLD-L31
Honor 9 Lite LLD-TL10
Honor 9 STF-AL00
Honor 9 Youth
Honor 9N LLD-AL20
Honor 9i RNE-L22
Honor Play COR-AL00
Honor V10 BKL-AL00
Honor V10 BKL-AL20
Honor V10 BKL-L09
Honor V9 DUK-AL20
Honor V9 DUK-TL30
Honor View 10
Mate 10 ALP-L09
Mate 10 ALP-L29
Mate 10 Lite RNE-L01
Mate 10 Lite RNE-L02
Mate 10 Lite RNE-L03
Mate 10 Lite RNE-L21
Mate 10 Lite RNE-L22
Mate 10 Lite RNE-L23
Mate 10 Porsche Design - BLA-L29
Mate 10 Pro BLA-L09
Mate 10 Pro BLA-L29
Mate 9 Lite BLL-L23
Mate 9 MHA-L09
Mate 9 MHA-L29
Mate 9 Pro LON-AL00
Mate 9 Pro LON-AL10
Mate 9 Pro LON-L29
Mate RS Porsche
Mate RS Porsche NEO-AL00
MediaPad M3 BTV-DL09
MediaPad M3 BTV-W09
MediaPad M3 Bach-W01
MediaPad M3 Bach-W09
MediaPad M3 CPN-AL00
MediaPad M3 CPN-W09
MediaPad T3 AGS-L03
MediaPad T3 AGS-L09
MediaPad T3 AGS-W09
MediaPad T3 BG2-U01
MediaPad T3 BG2-U03
MediaPad T3 BG2-W09
MediaPad T3 KOB-L09
MediaPad T3 KOB-W09
Nova 2 BAC-L21

Download Avengers Box Qualcomm Module v0.12.4.

Nova 2i L02
Nova 2i L22
Nova 3 PAR-AL00
Nova 3e ANE-AL00
Nova 3e ANE-L21
Nova 3e ANE-L21
Nova 3e ANE-L22
Nova 3e ANE-LX1
Nova 3e ANE-LX2
Nova 3e ANE-LX2J
Nova 3e ANE-LX3
Nova 3e ANE-TL00
Nova 3i INE-LX2
Nova Lite 2 704HW
Nova Lite 2 LA1
Nova Plus MLA-L01
Nova Plus MLA-L02
Nova Plus MLA-L03
Nova Plus MLA-L11
Nova Plus MLA-L12
Nova Plus MLA-L13
P10 Selfie BAC-L01
P10 Selfie BAC-L03
P10 Selfie BAC-L22
P10 Selfie BAC-L23
P20 EML-L09
P20 EML-L22
P20 EML-L29
P20 Lite ANE-L02
P20 Lite ANE-L02K
P20 Lite ANE-L03
P20 Lite ANE-L12JPZ
P20 Lite ANE-L21
P20 Lite ANE-L22
P20 Lite ANE-L23
P20 Lite ANE-LX1
P20 Pro CLT-L04
P20 Pro CLT-L09 
P20 Pro CLT-L29
Y6 2015 SCC-U21
Y6 2018
Y6 2018 ATU-L21
Y6 2018 ATU-LX1
Y7 2018 LDN-LX3
Y7 2018 London LDN-L03
Y7 Prime
Y7 Prime TRT-L53
Y7 Prime TRT-TL00
Y9 2018 LX1
Y9 2018 LX2
Y9 2018 LX3


Wiko Wim - Supported Read & Write Firmware/Reset FRP/Backup & Restore security/Backup & Restore QCN.
- Improved flashing for supported phones.

-- Now flashing must be more fast and stable.

This tutorial should and any other on our site should be helpful to any novice to expert users.

If you face any problem related to mobile repairing just comment below or contact me on facebook, i will surely be helpful.

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