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How To Samsung Network/Country Unlock Sprint Mobile Tool For Note 8,S8 plus,S8,All Model.

How To Samsung  Network/Country Unlock Sprint Mobile Tool For Note 8,S8 plus,S8,All Model.

Samsung  Network/Country Unlock Sprint Required File.

1# Download Network unlock tool.

2# Zip Password: Gsm Solution.

3# User id and password.

Userid: cdma-yemen
Password: 123456

Tool Support Models: 
1# L720
2# L720T
3# J320P
4# J327P
5# J700P
6# G860P
7# N900P
8# G920P
9# G928P
10# G930P
11# G935P
12# N910P
13# N915P
14# N920P
15# N930P
16# T377P
17# T587P
18# G950U SPRINT U1
19# G955U SPRINT U1
20# G950U SPRINT U1,U2,U3

How To Network Unlock Using Unlock Tool?

1# Open Tool setup file.

2# Few mins install process.

3# Now your tool required user name and password.

4# Here is Username and password.

UserName:  cdma-yemen

Password: 123456

5# Then click ok tab your tool open now you can used for network unlock ready.

6# Now i am show you how to install tool and used.

7# First select your model then click tab.

8# Open your phone on adb mode.

9# Go to Settings > About > Software information > More > Build number Click 4 time.

10# Now show your phone here and select your adb port.

11# Now you can unlock your phone support models.

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  1. hi i used your program and everything went well, when i checked phone to see if itw was unlocked, phone was still locked to sprint, can you please help me as I would also like to donate to your site for your assistance.

    Thank you


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