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How To Samsung J5 Pro Nougat FRP Lock Remove & Bypass V7.0

How To Samsung J5 Pro Nougat  FRP Lock Remove & Bypass V7.0

Samsung J5 Pro Nougat  FRP Lock Remove Required File.

1# Download Frp Lock Removed Tool.

Note: Comment Your Hwid Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g7sdLaZG6GU

2# Download Quickshortcut Maker Apk.

How To Remove Frp Lock On Samsung J5 Pro.

1# Open your phone on normal mode.

2# Connect your phone on wifi.

3# Three time tab click home button.

4# Now open talk back.

5# Slide like 'C'  on screen.

6# Open talkback settings.

7# Now 3 time click home button.then talkback is disable.

8# Click 'Help & Feedback' tab.

9# Typess 'Voice' Show 'Get started with voice acces' open it.

10# Play video.Click share tab.

11# Share other option.

12# Now open youtube.

13# Go to 'Help & Feedback' open it.

14# Now open browser.

15#  Download Quickshortcut Maker Apk.

16# Install And open.

17# Serch Calculator & open.

18# Typess  " (+30012012732+ ".

19# Code in Dial window : " *#0808# "

20# DM+ACM+ ADB Select & Rebot Phone.

21# Connect your phone on pc using usb data cable.

22# Open download frp remove tool.

23# Click frp remove tab on tool.

24# 2 sec watting.frp remove show ok.

35# Now your phone frp remove & rebot your phone.

36# Hard Reset Your phone now frp remove complite.

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