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Volcano Inferno MTK 1.4.8 and UNI Tool 1.5.5 Update Released

Volcano Inferno MTK 1.4.8 and UNI Tool 1.5.5 Update Released

What is new update?

MTK Module 1.4.8:
World's First added MTK 6570 (EMMC) one click theft/privacy unlock supported

Tested/supported function with MTK 6570
Read Extended info
Read Backup Factory file
Write Backup Factory file
Auto format
One click clear FRP
One click clear theft/privacy unlock
UNI Tool Module V1.5.5
ADD: Read Info in ADB mode

ADD: Read info in fast-boot mode
FIX : Some repair tips and bug-fix improvements
Some Successfull report from our beloved users/supporters
MTK 6570 Success Reports with Inferno
Thousands of success reports by our users and supporters.

Inferno Dongle MTK 1.4.8 and UNI Tool 1.5.5
Download Volcano Inferno MTK 1.4.8.

Download UNI Tool Module V1.5.5

Inferon Activated Volcano User.

Download Volcano Inferno MTK 1.4.8.

Download UNI Tool Module V1.5.5

This tutorial should and any other on our site should be helpful to any novice to expert users.
If you face any problem related to mobile repairing just comment below or contact me on facebook, i will surely be helpful.

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