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BlackBerry Remove ID Anti Theft Protection Remove/Bypass

BlackBerry Remove ID Anti Theft Protection Remove/Bypass.

Anti-theft protection is an email and an email address made from blackberry to protect and personalize your phone. When you reset you phone and start it again you need to login again to your address to use your phone, and you can use your phone.  With your blackberry address you can download apps from blackberry store world. 

Blackberry anti-theft is like iCloud on iPhone or like google FRP on android, but there is a way to remove and use your phone again if you have forget your email address or your password.
In the beginning of page click firmware to download, it will open a new page and you can find and download, based on you blackberry type.  

After downloading blackberry software, turn of your phone, and connect with cable, open blackberry downloaded file and then wait until process is finished. 

How to remove blackberry anti theft protection?

1# Go to your download page based on you type of phone links above.

2# Download file and then extract to desktop.

3# Open file ad administrator (run as admin).

4# Turn of your phone and connect to computer with cable
Wait until process is finished. 

5# That is all, very simple and easy. After this procedure your phone is unlocked and is ready to use. 

6# BlackBerry Desktop Software Download.

Blacberry anti theft remove flash file/firmware.

All File Zip Password: Gsm Solution.

1# Blackberry Passport 10.3.2 SQW100  Download.

2# Blackberry Q5 10.3.2 Download.

3# Blackberry Q10 SQN100 Download.

4# Blackberry Z10 STL100-1 Download.

5# Blackberry Z10 STL100-2-3-4 Download.

6# Blackberry Leap 10.3.2 Download.

7# Blackberry Classic 10.3.2 Download.

8# Blackberry Z30 10.3.2 STA100 Download.

9# Blackberry Z3 10.3.2 STJ100-1/2 Download.

Note: BlackBerry Desktop Software Install Need.

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