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How To Hard Reset Vega IM-A870k & A870s-Remove Pattern & Password lock

How To Hard Reset Vega IM-A870k & A870s-Remove Pattern & Password lock.

Vega im-a870k & im-a870s if you used password & pattern lock.
You set but you lose password & pattern then how to fix this solution here i show you.

Vega IM-A870k & A870s Hard Reset Method.

1# Trun of your phone used power buttion.

2# Still Click power buttion ,volume up buttion & volume down buttion same time.

3# Now show your phone manu.

4# Click volume down buttion & go to recovery tab.

5# Click power buttion open recovery manu.

6# Now go to factory data reset open.

7# Click yes tab.

8# Few min watting your phone hard reset process.

9# Rebot your phone open with normal mode.

10# Now your phone pattern & password lock removed.

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