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Android UFST V1.0.5.5 Release Setup Download

Android UFST V1.0.5.5 Release.

UFST and UFS Turbo Only.V1.0.5.5

Before Using [MTK], [QC], [SPRD] Tabs Always Check [Var] Tab for predefined.
Support Models.

Minor Bug's Fixed in File and Model Selection.
INI File Saving time decreased.
[FPGM],[Re-Partition],[Use FastBoot] now Saving to Ini under Model Settings.
Loging to File Added (Tick [Log] CheckBox in [Main Box Functions] Tab)
Re-Tick of [Log] Will set New LogFile name (with Current Time Stamp)
More Sophisticated USB Exceptions Handling with Tips where was a Problem.
[Dev Mang.] Button adde to quick Launch Device Mannager.

More Alcatel Models Added (Including QualComm Sahara):
4044L, 4044M, 4044N, 4044O, 4044T, 4044V, 4044W, 4060A, 4060O, 4060S, 4060W,
5044G, 5044R, 5046G, 6014D, 6014X, 6050A, 6050F, 6050W, 6050Y, 7043A, 7043E,
7043K, 7043Y, 7044A, 7044X, 7044Y, 7053D, 7053E, 7053J, 9006W, VF-895N

More Asus Models Added:
P001-Z170MG, P00A-Z380M, P00C-Z300M, X002, X005-T551TLC, X008-ZC520TL,
X008_1-ZC520TL, X008D-ZC520TL, X008DA-ZC520TL, X008DC-ZC520TL, X00DD-ZC553KL,
X00ID-ZC554KL, X00LD_1-ZD553KL, X00LD_2-ZB553KL, X014D-ZB452KG, Z00LD-ZE550KL,
Z00SD-ZC451TG, Z00T-ZE551KL, Z00TD-ZE551KL, Z00VD-ZC500TG, Z00WD-ZE550KG,
Z00YD-G500TG, Z011D-ZE601KL, Z018-ZS550KL, Z01B_1-ZC551KL, Z01B_11-ZC551KL,
Z01BDC-ZC551KL, Z01H-ZE553KL
Tips -
Asus uses totally crazy models naming schema, so please be here very accurate,
same Sales Model can have x100 implementations on all possible MCU's.
Fixed [Write Flash] Button Functionality.
Fixed Flashing of Devices with v0.4 fastboot core (Nvidia, Blackphone BP1)
Reboot Mode Selector: Normal, Bootloader, EDL, Recovery (if Device Supports)
Editable Commands Selector with Predefined (Most Used) Commands List.
Editable VID Selector with Predefined Vendors List.
Added 'Format' to Commands Parser.

More Huawei Models Added:
ATH-TL00, ATH-UL00, CRO-L02, CRO-L03, CRO-L22, CRO-L23, G620-L72, G620-L75,
G629-UL00, G730-U30, H30-C00, S8-701U, SC-CL00, TIT-U02, VNS-AL00, Nexus 6P
More Lenovo Models Added:
A8-50LC, A2016a40, A2016b30, A2016b31, A2800-D, A3860, A3910e70, A3910t30,
A5890, A6010+, A6020a41, A6020L36, A6020L37, A6600a40, A6600d40, A7010a48,
A7700, B8080-F, B8080-H, B8080-HV, K10a40, K10e70, K30-E, K30-TM, K31-T3,
K50-T3s, K51c78, K910E, K910L, K910SS, PB2-650M, PB2-670M, PB2-690M, S1La40,
S856, TB3-730F, TB3-730X, TB3-850F, TB3-850M, TB3-8703F, TB3-8703X, TB3-X70F,
TB3-X70L, TB-8504F, TB-8504X, TB-8704F, TB-8704X, TB-X304F, TB-X304L,
TB-X704F, TB-X704L, YT-X703F, YT-X703L, YT-X703X

More LG Models Added:
AS993, F770S, F820L, G600K, G600L, G600S, G600V, H870, H870DS, H870K, H870S,
H870V, H871, H872, H873, K120, K371, K373, LS450, LS775, LS993, K220TR, K220Y,
K220Z, M150, M151, M153, M154, M160, M160E, M250AR, M250F, M250H, M250I, M250K,
M320, M320AR, M320DSN, M320F, M320H, M320K, M320N, M320TV, M320Y, M400DF,
M400DK, M400DY, M400F, M400MT, M400N, M400Y, M470, M470F, M700, M700A, M700AN,
M700DSK, M700N, M710DS, M710H, MP260, MS210, TP260, US215, US997, VS501, VS835,
VS988, X130G, X130J, X132, X135, X137, X145, X147, X150, X155, X160, X165,
X165G, X170G, X210MB, X220DSH, X220DST, X220M, X220MB
According New LAF Security, Flashing is Allowed Only of Factory Signed Files.
We Improved KDZ Extraction Utility, It will Extract .dz and .sign Files,
for Flashing Must [Add Files] .dz and then .sign File.
Can Flash Directly Compatible .kdz File, then not need Extraction or sign.
[Unlock/Sec] and [Byp.Security] Fixed for Last MTK Models (M250, ...)

More Micromax Models Added:
AQ4750, C1, E451, E453, E460, E485, E491, E4820, HS2, P701, P702, P70221,
P802, Q310, Q346+, Q354, Q402, Q402+, Q409, Q421, Q437, Q438, Q440, Q441,
Q453, Q3301, Q3501, Q3555, Q4202, Q4220, Q4251, Q4260, Q4310, Q4311, V51
YU Models Moved to MICROMAX Tab and Added:
AO5510, YU5011, YU5012, YU5040, YU5050, YU5510, YU5510A, YU5551

More Motorola Models Added:
XT1670, XT1671, XT1672, XT1675, XT1676, XT1677 (Moto G5 Cerdic)
XT1680, XT1681, XT1683, XT1684, XT1685, XT1687 (Moto G5 Plus Potter)
XT1710-xx (Moto Z2 Play Albus)
XT1721, XT1723, XT1724, XT1725, XT1726 (Moto C Plus Panell)
XT1750 (Moto C 3G Watson)
XT1754, XT1755, XT1756, XT1757, XT1758 (Moto C LTE Namath)
XT1760, XT1761, XT1762, XT1763, XT1766 (Moto E4 LTE Woods)
XT1767, XT1768 (Moto E4 LTE NA SPerry, Perry)
XT1770, XT1771, XT1772, XT1773 (Moto E4 Plus Nicklaus)
Enabled [Reset FRP], Use [ADB Mode (via Menu...)], ADB Must be Enabled.
To Enable ADB use Trick with *#*#4636#*#*, Aptoide and Test_dpc_smart_manager.
Note - MTK Models FRP Can be Done in Flash Mode.
Enabled Sahara Flashing (Unbrick) for some Models (Addison,Athene,Albus,Potter)

[Format Flash] Function Added.
Format (Erase) Can be Done by Linear Address or Partition Name.
[Read Flash] Preloader Analysis and Extraction (to SPFL Format) Added.
Preloader now is saved as 2 Files:
preloader_partition.bin (Whole Partition), Flashable by UFST and
preloader_blabla.bin (Extracted SPFL File), Flashable by Original SPFL.
Blocked Write of Wrong Preloader File (Must be in Partition or Original Format)
[Factory Info] will Show Unlock Keys in Meta Mode (If is Allowed)
Enabled [Fact.Unlock] Button, Unlock in Meta Mode (If is Allowed)
[Enter FacTst] Button added, to Boot in Factory Test Mode.
Non Readable Partitions now Skipped, not Generate Fatal Exception.
SIGN Update of Signed Devices [SBC] Fixed (Blink, not Start or Loose Digits)
Note: not Original or not Signed Files will not cause Signature Update.
Warning About MTK Signed Devices [SBC]:
Must Flash Original Signed Files, Otherwise Device will not Start or Blink.
If Have no Idea is Signed or not, Backup All, before Flashing !
Some Paranoid "Secured" Devices cannot read at all from Flash Mode,
but can be Root-et and Read via ADB ...
If Device need Signed Images, can flash Only SAME Version from other device.
All this "Security" Paranoya not Affect a FRP, it can be done on all Devices.
PMT Writing Bug on GPT Devices Fixed (DL_SET_A4 or DL_SET_A9 Error)
MT6592 Write Flash Bug Fixed.
Indicator of non Existent Files in Setup Form before Start Flashing.

More Nokia Models Added:
Nokia 3 (NE1, TA-1020, TA-1028, TA-1032, TA-1038)
Nokia 5 (TA-1024, TA-1027, TA-1044, TA-1053)
Nokia 6 (TA-1000, TA-1003, TA-1021, TA-1025, TA-1033, TA-1039)
RM-1013, Nokia 5, Nokia 6 Sahara Flashing, Read, Frp, Unbrick ...
Factory Operations Fixed.
Added Programer (FireHose) File Selection using [Add File] it will override
Default or selected by [DA] File and allows to save into INI File.
Fixed Read Issue with some Driver Versions on some Machines.
Non GPT Disks now will Read as Raw binary, instead of error Exception.
Show Info (HASH, HWID, SERN) while Sahara Booting, Tick [Info] Selector.
[Add MSL] Function Added (To Store Factory MSL into Local DataBase)
Fixed New Models Failure while flashing HOME Files (meta-data)
Fixed 'Error: PIT Tokens Count...' Bug on Some Models with UFST Memory.
More Samsung Models Added:
C5018, C7018, C701F, C9008, C900Y, G160N, G1650, G165N, G390W, G390Y, G891A,
G892A, G930VL, G9500, G9508, G950F, G950N, G950U, G950U1, G950W, G9550,
G955F, G955N, G955U, G955U1, G955W, J3119S, J326AZ, J327A, J327AZ, J327R4,
J327R6, J327R7, J327T, J327T1, J327U, J327V, J327VPP, J3300, J3308, J330F,
J330FN, J330G, J330L, J530F, J530FM, J530G, J530GM, J530K, J530L, J530S,
J530Y, J530YM, J700T1, J701F, J701M, J701MT, J727A, J727AZ, J727R4, J727S,
J727T, J727T1, J727U, J727V, J727VPP, J730F, J730FM, J730G, J730GM, J730K,
N935K, N935L, N935S, N9500, N9508, N950F, N950N, N950U, N950U1, N950W,
S120VL, S320VL, S550TL, S820L, SC-02J, SC-03J, SC-04J, SCV35, SCV36, T377W,
T380, T385, T677A, T818A, T818V, T818W, T825N0, T825Y, T827, T827R4, T827V

Increased Image Write time-out from 5mins to 10mins,
to prevent error -2 at 99% for hughe (system) files.
Fixed Flashing of New Models without loader.sin files.
Enabled [Reset FRP], Use [ADB Mode (via Menu...)], ADB Must be Enabled.
To Enable ADB use Trick with QuickShortcutMaker.apk or other.
More Sony Models Added:
C1504, C1505, C1604, C1605 (Xperia E NanHu)
C2304, C2305, S39h (Xperia C Pelican)
C5302, C5303, C5306, M35c, M35h, M35t (Xperia SP Huashan)
E2003, E2006, E2033, E2043, E2053 (Xperia E4g Calla)
E2104, E2105, E2115, E2124 (Xperia E4 Jasmine)
G3112, G3116, G3121, G3123, G3125 (Xperia XA1 Hinoki)
G3212, G3221, G3223, G3226 (Xperia XA1 Ultra Redwood)
G3311, G3312, G3313 (Xperia L1 Pine)
G8231, G8232, SO-03J, SOV35, 602SO (Xperia XZs Keyaki)
LT25c, LT25i, SO-01E, SOL21 (Xperia VC, V, AX, VL Tsubasa)
LT29a, LT29i, SO-04D (Xperia TX, GX Hayabusa)
LT30a, LT30at, LT30p (Xperia T Mint)
SO-01J, SOV34, 601SO (Xperia XZ Kagura)
SO-02J (Xperia X Compact Kugo)
ST26a, ST26i (Xperia J JLo)
Fixed partition-image Flashing for Old Models.
More Sophistcated Boot Options:
Now can Boot, by Selecting FDL1 and FDL2 Using [Add File] or [DA] Button,
FDL Selection Order: PAC File, File from List [Add File] and Default by [DA]
Choosing with [Add File] Allows save into INI (Individual for each model).
Read Mode Selector Lets Auto-Read Files from Unknown Model.
[Format Flash] Function Added.
Format (Erase) Can be Done by Partition Name.
SC6530A, SC6531A MCU Support Added (Read, Write, Format, Gen.Settings)

ACER Models Added:
Iconia One 10 WiFi, Liquid Jade, Liquid Jade S, Liquid Jade Z, Liquid X1,
Liquid X2, Liquid Z500, Liquid Z630S, Liquid Z6E, Liquid Zest 4G,
Liquid Zest Plus
AMOI Models Added:
L350, L760C
ARCHOS Models Added:
101 Copper, 101 Core, 101 Platinum, 101B Copper, 101B Helium, 101B Xenon,
101E Neon, 40 Titanium, 40C Titanium, 45 Titanium, 50 Helium Plus,
50 Oxygen Plus, 50 Power, 50 Saphir, 50B Platinum, 50C Helium, 50E Neon,
50F Neon, 55 Graphite, 55 Helium, 55 Helium Plus, 60 Platinum, 62 Xenon,
70 Platinum, 80B Xenon, Diamond Plus, Sense 50DC
ARK Models Added:
Benefit M505, Benefit M506, Benefit M507, Benefit S503
BLACKVIEW Models Added:
A5, A7, A8, A8 Max, A9, A9 Pro, Alife P1 Pro, Alife S1, Breeze, BV2000,
BV2000s, BV5000, BV6000s, BV7000s, C1, E7, E7s, Heatwave, JK450, JK600,
JK606, JK890, Omega Pro, P2 Lite, R6, R6 Lite, R6s, Ultra, Ultra Plus, V3
BQ Models Added:
Aquaris E4, Aquaris E4.5, Aquaris E5 FHD, Aquaris E6, Aquaris M4.5,
BQS-4552, BQS-4555, BQS-4560, BQS-4570, BQS-5006, BQS-5022, BQS-5030,
BQS-5032, BQS-5040, BQS-5045, BQS-5050, BQS-5055, BQS-5057, BQS-5058,
BQS-5059, BQS-5060, BQS-5065, BQS-5070, BQS-5071, BQS-5500, BQS-5502,
BQS-5505, BQS-5515, BQS-5520, BQS-5590, BQS-6050
CONDOR Models Added:
Griffe G4, Griffe G4+

CHERRY Models Added:
Cosmos 3, Cubix Cube 3, Flare 4, Flare 5, Flare HD Max, Flare Infinity Lite,
Flare J1 Plus, Flare J3, Flare J3 Plus, Flare J5, Flare J7, Flare P1,
Flare P1 Plus, Flare S, Flare S4, Flare S4 Max, Flare S4 Plus, Flare S5,
Flare S5 Plus, Flare S5 Power, Flare Selfie, Flare X, H7, Selfie 2, Touch 2,
Touch XL2
COOLPAD Models Added:
3503I (Mega 3), 3505I-S00 (Fancy 3), 8722-S00 (Roar Plus E570),
8722-U00 (Porto S E570), Y83-S00 (Sky 3 E502), Y83-U00 (Modena 2 E502)
DISCOVERY Models Added:

DOOGEE Models Added:
T3, T5, T5 Lite, T6, T6 Pro, X3, X5, X5 b, X5 Max, X5 Max Pro, X5 Max S,
X5S, X6, X6 Pro, X6S, X7, X7 Pro, X7S, X9, X9 Pro, X9S, Y100, Y100 Plus,
Y100 Pro, Y100X

ELEPHONE Models Added:
A1, A1 Mini, C1, C1 Max, C1 Mini, C1X, H1, S3 Basic, S7 Mini
EVERTEK Models Added:
EverAllure 2, EverFancy, EverFancy 3, EverGlory 2, EverGlory Plus,
EverGlow D35, EverGlow D40, EverGlow D50, EverMellow D45, EverMellow D50,
EverMiracle Mini, EverMiracle Nano, EverMiracle Plus, EverMiracle Power,
EverMiracle S, EverMiracle S2, EverShine 2, EverShine Plus, EverSlim,
EverSlim Mini, EverSlim Nano, EverSolo, EverStar D40, EverStar Nano,
EverStar Pro, EverStar Pro V2, EverStar Q40, EverStar Q50, EverStar S,
EverTrendy, EverTrendy Plus 3G, EverTrendy Plus 4G, EverVivid Q47, F1,
V1 Mini

GIONEE Models Added:
A1 Lite, Elife S Plus, F100B, F100L, F100S, F103, F103B, F103BL, F103L, F105,
F106, F301, F303, F306, F306L, GN3003L, GN5001L, GN5001S, GN5002, M3 Mini,
M5 Plus L, M5 Mini, S6, S6S, X1, X1S
HIGHSCREEN Models Added:
Bay, Boost3, Boost3 Pro, Boost3 SE, Boost3 SE Pro, Easy F, Easy F Pro,
Easy L, Easy L Pro, Easy Power, Easy S, Easy S Pro, Easy XL, Easy XL Pro,
Fest XL, Power Four, Power Five, Power Five Evo, Power Five Pro, Power Ice,
Power Ice Evo, Power Rage, Power Rage Evo, Prime L, Pure F, Tasty
INNJOO Models Added:
Fire 3G, Fire 2 3G, Fire 2 LTE, Fire 2 Plus LTE, Fire 3 LTE, Fire 3 Air LTE,
Fire Plus 3G, Fire Plus LTE, Fire Pro LTE, Halo LTE, Halo 2 LTE, Halo Plus,
i1, i1k, i1s, i2, i2s, Max, Max 2 3G, Max 2 Plus 3G, Max 3 3G, Max 3 LTE,
Max 3 Pro, Note, Note 2 3G, Note E, Note Pro, One HD 3G, One HD LTE, Pro,
Two 3G, Two LTE, X2

INTEX Models Added:
Aqua HD 5.5, Aqua Play, Aqua Ring, Aqua S7, Aqua Shine 4G, Aqua Power Pro,
Aqua Pride, Prime 4G, Aqua Strong 5.1, Aqua Strong 5.2, Aqua Supreme+,
Aqua Trend Lite, Aqua View, Aqua Y2 Pro, Cloud Q11
KARBONN Models Added:
Aura Note 4G, Aura Note2, Aura Power 4G Plus, Aura Sleek 4G, Fashion Eye 5.5,
Jumbo, K9 Kavatch, K9 Smart 4G, Titanium Hexa, Titanium Jumbo V03+,
Titanium Vista 4G

LAVA Models Added:
A2, A3, Iris 820 MX, Z10
LYF Models Added:
LS-5506 Water 9, LS-5507 Water 7
NOUS Models Added:
NS5002, NS5502

OYSTERS Models Added:
Antarctic E, Atlantic 454, Atlantic 600i, Atlantic V, Indian 254, Indian V,
Life 4G, Pacific 4G, Pacific 800i, Pacific E, Pacific I 4G, Pacific V,
Pacific VS, Pacific XL 4G

PANASONIC Models Added:
Eluga S, Eluga S Mini, Eluga Z, P55 Novo, P81
PHILIPS Models Added:
S226M, S309, S318, S388, S396, S398, S616, V377, V387, V526, V586, V787, X586

QMOBILE Models Added:
Z10, Z12, Z12 Pro, Z9 Plus

TELE2 Models Added:
M7, Maxi, Maxi LTE, Maxi Plus, Midi, Midi LTE, Mini, S4, V6
TECNO Models Added:
7C, 7CS, 7H, 8H, C5, C7, C8, C9, C9 Plus, CX Air, i3, i3 Pro, i5 Pro, J5, J7,
J8, L5, L6, L7, L8, L8 Plus, L9 Plus, N8, N8S, Phantom 5, W1, W2, W3, W3 LTE,
W4, W5, W5 Lite, WX3

TEXET Models Added:
TM-4071, TM-4072, TM-4082, TM-4083, TM-4172, TM-4182, TM-4272, TM-4510,
TM-4513, TM-4515, TM-4572, TM-4672, TM-4772, TM-4782, TM-4872, TM-4972,
TM-4982, TM-5003, TM-5005, TM-5009, TM-5010, TM-5011, TM-5017, TM-5072,
TM-5082, TM-5092, TM-5172, TM-5503, TM-5505, TM-5508, TM-5513, TM-5577,

VIDEOCON Models Added:
A29F, A42, V451720, V502430, V502930, V503630, V504730, V505430, V506120
Z55 Dash, Z55 Delite
VODAFONE Models Added:
VFD300, VFD301, VFD500, VFD501, VFD502

WIKO Models Added:
Barry, Bloom, Darkmoon, Fizz, Getaway, Goa, Harry, Highway, Highway Signs,
Iggy, Jerry2, K-Kool, Lenny3 Max, Lenny4, Ozzy, Rainbow Lite, Ridge, Slise 2,
Sunset, Ufeel Go, Upulse, Upulse Lite
WILEYFOX Models Added:
Spark, Spark Plus, Spark X
ZOPO Models Added:
8510, 9515, 9530, ZP1000, ZP567, ZP586, ZP587, ZP820, ZP980+, ZP983,
ZP990+, ZP998, ZP999

ZTE Models Added:
Blade L3 Lite, Blade V7 Lite, Blade X7, Nubia N1 Lite, S158, T520, Voyage 4S

ARCHOS Models Added:
45B Helium, 50B Helium, 50D Helium, 50E Helium
BLACKPHONE Models Added:

BQ Models Added:
Aquaris E5, Aquaris E5S, Aquaris M5, Aquaris M5.5, Aquaris U, Aquaris U Lite,
Aquaris U Plus, Aquaris U2, Aquaris V, Aquaris X, Aquaris X Pro, Aquaris X5,
Aquaris X5 Pro, BQS-5025, BQS-5037

COOLPAD Models Added:
3600I (Note 5), 8297-A, 8297-W00 (Dazen F2), A8-930, A8-I01 (Max A8),
SK3-S00 (Fancy E561), SK3-U00 (Torino S E561), Y76-I01 (Sky E501),
Y76-U00 (Modena E501), Y90-G00 (Shine R106), Y91-I00 (Note 3S),
Y91-U00 (Torino R108)

HAIER Models Added:
Esteem L50, L61, Leisure L7
HIGHSCREEN Models Added:
Boost2, Omega Prime Mini SE, Omega Prime S, Spark 2
HISENSE Models Added:
U988, X1
INTEX Models Added:
Aqua 4G, Aqua Fish, Elit-E1
LYF Models Added:
LS-5005 Water 4, LS-5007 Water 5, LS-5502 Wind 3, LS-5505 Water F1

OPPO Models Added:
A11, A57, R8000, R9s, R9s Plus, X9000
VIVO Models Added:
V3, V3 Max, V7 Plus, X3S L, X5L, X9, Xshot, Y18L, Y35A, Y37L, Y53, Y55,
Y55S, Y937

VODAFONE Models Added:
VFD900, VFD1400
WIKO Models Added:
Freddy, Tommy2, Ufeel Prime, WIM, VIM Lite

WILEYFOX Models Added:
Storm, Swift, Swift 2, Swit 2 Plus, Swift 2X

XIAOMI Models Added:
Mi 5x Tiffany, Mi Max 2 Oxygen, Mi Note 3 Jason, Redmi Note 5A UggLite,
Redmi Note 5A Prime Ugg

ZTE Models Added:
Blade A711, Blade S6, Blade S6 Lite, Blade S6 Plus, Blade X9, V5 Pro

ARCHOS Models Added:
40 Neon, 45D Platinum, 50B Titanium, 50C Platinum, 50D Titanium,
55 Platinum, 55B Platinum, Access 50 3G, Access 50 4G
BQ Models Added:
BQS-4707, BQ-5501

CHERRY Models Added:
Flare J1, Flare J1S, Flare Lite 2, Flare Lite Quad, Flare P1 Mini,
Flare P1 Lite, Flare S5 Mini, Omega Lite 2, Touch HD
EVERTEK Models Added:
V1 Nano

INNJOO Models Added:
Halo 3G, Halo 2 3G, Halo Plus, Halo X

INTEX Models Added:
Aqua 4.0 3G, Aqua 4.0 4G, Aqua 4.5 Pro, Aqua 4G Mini, Aqua_Amaze+,
Aqua Craze 2, Aqua Lions 4G, Aqua Q7N Pro, Aqua Pro 4G, Aqua Raze 2,
Aqua S3, Aqua Selfie, Aqua Strong 5.1+, Aqua Style 3, Y2 Power,
Cloud 4G Smart, Cloud M5 II, Cloud Matte, Cloud Scan FP, Cloud String HD

LAVA Models Added:
A50, A55

OYSTERS Models Added:
Atlantic 4G, Pacific 454

PHILIPS Models Added:
S326, S337

TEXET Models Added:
TM-4003, TM-4503, TM-5006, TM-5007, TM-5016
VIDEOCON Models Added:
V455120, V503418, Z42, Z45Q, Z51

WIKO Models Added:
Jerry, Sunny2, Sunny Max

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